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Our Products

We have built multiple products and we are proud of them all. Our current product is which is a Generative AI product which allows designers and creatives to get to their designs in a blink of an eye.

RenderNet is the leading Industry standard for consistent AI generated Images which allows designers and creatives to create realistic photos with consistency and control like never before.
RenderNet has generated more than a million images by more than 70 thousand users. RenderNet is growing at 5x month on month on every metric.

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Previous products

Walrus is a bank for teenagers in India. Walrus was the first to introduce customized signature cards in India.

Defy was india’s first social crypto exchange bringing a new way to invest in a growing crypto market

RoverX was the only mobile NFT analytics app with real-time alerts. RoverX provided users with on to go updates about their portfolio and their holdings directly on their phone.


CEO - Baghban Behera

Bhagaban Behera


CEO - Sriharsha Setty

Sriharsha Setty


CEO - Nakul-Kelkar

Nakul Kelkar