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The new way to money
No Bank Account Required
Safe & Secure
No Minimum Balance
Zero Hidden Charges
Send and recieve money
Easily send and receive money from your family and friends, and get real-time notifications.
Your own cool Card
Use your own cool Walrus Card to spend smartly, track your expenses and earn rewards. Block and unblock your card anytime from the app. No more losing cash.
100% Secure Transactions
Powered by
A rewards ecosystem
exclusively for teenagers
Earn rewards for saving, sharing and using Walrus. Get your friends onboard to get even more benefits.
Parents also love Walrus!
Lifeskills for teens
Financial freedom and education coupled with life skills. Way to go Walrus!
- Sudhir
Love the interface of Walrus. Hate the fact that its not for adults! I envy my daughter.
- Kalpana
Now my son has his own Debit card and also can use UPI. We did not even need to open a bank account. Would highly recommend.
- Uddhav

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