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It’s your money. Own it.

Manage your
money smartly
with style
like a boss

It’s your money. Own it.

Manage your money smartly

Receive money into your Walrus Wallet without the need of a bank account. Make payments at your favourite merchants. Buy all the things you want, and more.

Test the power of your money.

Spend with style

Say aloha to India's First Neon Signature Card powered by VISA. Accepted at all merchants that accept VISA, it's time to hit the town with swag!

HODL like a boss

Earn Walrus Bitcoins as you use the app. Redeem it at latest market rate. Ka-ching!

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Rewards that’ll make you go


Play the Walrus Premier League and win a PS5, iPhone, Sony Headphones and so much more!

Offers on your favourite brands

The Walrus Store enables you to get additional offers and add-on discounts. Get, set, shop!

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To old friends and new. Meet fun people and share your stories with the Walrus club.

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Security and Privacy
Taken seriously.
Extremely Seriously!

We do not share your data with anyone nor do we let anybody take it.

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