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The best one two combo. Pay anywhere, anytime, anyone. Starbucks to Samose wala, we got you covered.


Shop, Recharge, Get Rewards, Scan & Pay all in a jiffy, and much more


All your transactions for you to analyze, on a platter. Track your balance and be smart with your money.


Curated rewards and experiences - just for you.

An exclusive club just for teenagers

Earn rewards for saving, sharing and using Walrus. Get your friends onboard to get even more benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Walrus Signature Card?
You are unique and so is your Walrus Card. You can customize your card in 3 simple steps 1. Type your signature or nickname or initials, whatever you prefer 2. Select your style of choice 3. Resize, Reshape, Play around, and Done!
Tell me more about the card
Walrus Signature Card is a premium Prepaid Card powered by MasterCard and issued by RBL Bank. Its valid for 5 years. There is no annual fees.
How can i order one?
Download our Android App, Design your card and place your order. Simple as that
When will my Walrus Signature card reach me?
The cards get delivered in 2-3 weeks from order date; the faster you order, the earlier you get your card
Where does the card work?
Walrus Card works at both online and offline merchants. You can buy from online payments with Flipkart, Amazon or make payments to apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Ola, Uber etc. You can use UPI in our Android app to make POS payments to nearby grocery stores or restaurants.
Does it come with an app?
We have the dankest, the coolest, the bestest mobile app to accompany your card. Look us up on Google PlayStore to download. iOS app is coming soon
Do I need to do KYC?
Yes KYC is needed for using WALRUS App/Card

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